Timeless started so we could share and live into our values with all of our peoples’. 

To us, a value is a way of being or believing that we hold most important. Living into our values means to practice them daily. To walk our talk. To be clear about what we believe and hold important. To ensure our intentions, words, thoughts and behaviors align with those beliefs. 

We believe that to leave a legacy in life, you have to focus on your CONTRIBUTION rather than accumulation & COURAGE over comfort. 

Being ‘Timeless’ is about the little things we do to leave an imprint to better our communities and uplift & support each other. Our brand is built on a culture that encourages & celebrates innovation and collaboration for the greater good of the community.

That’s Timeless, this is our story…

CONTRIBUTION > accumulation 

COURAGE > comfort


Spread The Warmth

Growing up in a strict Asian home, we’re raised to respect and give back to everyone. This is a value that we live by and the main influence on us starting Timeless. We want our brand to be genuine, 100% us and deliver the message we were born to carry out, “Contribution Over Accumulation.”

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